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Baroque lute,, 13 chorus

Baroque guitar,

The lute is originally an Arabic / Persian string instrument with a pear-shaped, half-round sound box. It was introduced to Europe by the Moors.

From the 16th to the 18th centuries, the instrument was the most popular in Europe and became the standard instrument of the high social class where it was preferably used for home music.

The number of choruses (string groups) and tunings can vary.

The top (sounding board) is usually made of European spruce. A range of wood types can be selected for the shell, neck and head. One can think of Maple, Rosewood, Pear, Cherry, Olm, Nuts and for the tuning pegs e.g. Rosewood, Ebony or Boxwood.

In addition to my own models, I also build replica of old instruments.


Renaissance lute,

8 chorus

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